Financial Services Register

The FS Register is a public record of firms, individuals and other bodies that are, or have been, authorised by us or the PRA.

In the UK, nearly all financial service activities must be authorised or registered by us.

The FS Register lists all firms and individuals involved with regulated activities that we’ve currently or previously approved.

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Unauthorised firms

The FS Register lists firms that we’ve been told are providing regulated products or services without the correct authorisation – or deliberately running scams.

It also includes the different details unauthorised firms give out and whether they’re falsely claiming to be from a genuine, authorised firm (known as a clone firm).

For a full list of the firms we’ve published warnings about, search our Warning List.

Directory Persons data

Directory Persons data for firms regulated solely by the FCA and by both the FCA and PRA is now published on the FS Register. Solo-regulated and dual-regulated firms must ensure they comply with the SM&CR.

You should check the details of any individual carrying out regulated activities on your behalf, especially current roles, and any disciplinary or regulatory action on their record.

See Directory of certified and assessed persons for more information.

Obtaining data extracts

If you’d like to use data from the FS Register, you can buy a regular subscription or a one-off data cut.

Read more about our Register Extract Service (RES).

Alternatively, you can sign up to the FS Register API Developer Portal. This service, currently free of charge, enables users to generate a unique key to access the Register APIs, as well as providing self-help support materials.

Accessing the Register

Find out which browsers are supported by the FS Register, and its regulatory jurisdiction, on its legal information page.

More information

If you have any problems or questions about using the FS Register, please contact us. Industry users can also email the FS Register team.

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