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  1. Promoting competitiveness is a juggling act

    Speeches Published: 18/04/2024 Last modified: 18/04/2024
    Speech by Sarah Pritchard, Executive Director, Markets and Executive Director, International at TheCityUK International Conference 2024.
  2. Reaping the rewards of investing in women

    Speeches Published: 16/04/2024 Last modified: 16/04/2024
    Speech by Sheree Howard, Executive Director of Risk and Compliance Oversight at PIMFA Women’s symposium conference
  3. Investing in outcomes: a regulatory approach to deliver for consumers, markets and competitiveness

    Speeches Published: 14/03/2024 Last modified: 14/03/2024
    Speech by Nikhil Rathi, FCA Chief Executive delivered at the Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference.
  4. The future of pensions: act today to plan for tomorrow

    Speeches Published: 13/03/2024 Last modified: 13/03/2024
    Speech by Nikhil Rathi delivered at JP Morgan Pensions and Savings Symposium
  5. The hallmarks of a future-fit workforce

    Speeches Published: 05/03/2024 Last modified: 05/03/2024
    Speech by Emily Shepperd, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Authorisations at TheCityUK and Financial Services Skills Commission Future Skills Conference.
  6. Evolving our enforcement approach to protect and grow our markets

    Speeches Published: 27/02/2024 Last modified: 27/02/2024
    Speech by Therese Chambers, FCA joint executive director of enforcement and market oversight, delivered at The Market Abuse and Market Manipulation Summit.
  7. Open regulators and open markets

    Speeches Published: 21/02/2024 Last modified: 21/02/2024
    Speech by Ashley Alder, Chair, delivered at the UK Mission to the European Union.
  8. Consumer Duty: the art of the possible in a year

    Speeches Published: 20/02/2024 Last modified: 20/02/2024
    Speech by Sheldon Mills, FCA Executive Director of Consumers & Competition on the Consumer Duty at KPMG.
  9. The UK listing regime - developments since the UK Listings Review and next steps for reform

    Speeches Published: 06/02/2024 Last modified: 06/02/2024
    Speech by Clare Cole, Director of Market Oversight, at the Westminster Business Forum.
  10. Leaning in on making consumer tech a force for good

    Speeches Published: 23/01/2024 Last modified: 26/01/2024
    Speech by Nikhil Rathi delivered at the Imperial College London Business School.