Keeping your firm's details up to date

Learn how to keep your firm’s details up to date, and about the Firm Details Attestation and Directory Persons' Attestation.

You need to ensure that the information we hold about your firm is correct – for example, your firm's name(s) and contact details.

We use your firm's details to:

  • communicate with you
  • ensure your firm is asked to submit the correct regulatory returns
  • carry out thematic analysis across sectors and groups of firms

We also publish certain firm details on the Financial Services Register (FS Register).

You can use our Connect system to tell us about changes to your firm's details at any time.

Firm Details Attestation

If your firm is:

  • authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA), and
  • is solely regulated by us, and is
  • not an ICVC, UCITS qualifier, AIFM qualifier or dormant account fund operator

you're subject to SUP 16.10 reporting requirements. (The requirements are different if you're a payments or e-money institution.)

SUP 16.10 requirements mean that you must check, amend (if required) and confirm your firm details at least annually using our Connect system.

These are the firm details you need to attest to:

  • registered name
  • trading name(s)
  • details of the complaints contact
  • details of the compliance officer
  • registered office
  • principal place of business
  • invoicing address 
  • head office
  • UK branch address
  • actuary, EEA branch address, firm association branch, professional advisor details
  • Accounting Reference Date (ARD)
  • website address
  • details of the firm’s auditor/reporting accountant
  • details of locum

Even if your firm's details haven’t changed from the previous year, you still need to log in to Connect and confirm that the details are accurate.

You must do this within 60 business days of your firm’s Accounting Reference Date (ARD). 

From 1 December 2023, all authorised firms, dual regulated by the FCA and the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) will be required to check, amend (if required), and confirm their firm details at least annually using our Connect system.

In addition, from 1 December 2023, firms that have Appointed Representatives (ARs) and Introducer Appointed Representatives (IARs) will also be required to confirm the details of their AR(s) and IAR(s), within 60 business days of your ARD, using the same firm details form. Firms that have AR(s) and IAR(s) must keep the details up to date and notify us of changes. This is set out under SUP 12.7.7 R of our Handbook. Visit our how to report Appointed Representative data webpage for more information.

If you don't update and/or confirm your firm details within 60 working days of your ARD, you'll receive a late return notification and a £250 late return fee. We may also take enforcement action against you.

Payments and e-money institutions

You don't need to complete an annual Firm Details Attestation, however if you change any of the following details, you'll need to complete a firm details application on Connect:

  • registered name
  • trading name(s)
  • principal place of business (the address displayed under Basic Details on the Register)
  • registered office (if registered at Companies House)
  • website address
  • telephone number
  • name and address of your auditor
  • accounting reference date

Firms registered at Companies House

If you're changing your firm's registered name, legal status or financial year end, then you must have registered these changes with Companies House before you update your firm's details with us.

Connect will ask you to click a 'check Companies House' button to ensure your changes match the information about your firm held at Companies House.

Trading names and sensitive business names

Firms can add new trading names to the Financial Services Register. This helps firms that already, or wish to, trade under a name different from their registered company name.

Using certain sensitive words related to financial services in a business name may give a misleading indication of what a business does. You must seek a view from us before trading under or registering a business name containing these sensitive words.

How to update or confirm your firm's details

Please use our Connect system to change, update or confirm your firm's details. If you're new to Connect, you'll need to register first.

You can then:

  • log in to Connect
  • click 'Start an application'
  • select 'Update or attest to your firm details'
  • click 'Show more' then 'Start application'
  • complete your application, making sure that all your firm's details are up to date
  • click 'Ready for submission'
  • click 'Submit'.

Please note, we don't accept paper forms.

Video: Updating your firm's details

Directory Persons’ Attestation

If your firm submits Directory Persons’ data to us, your firm is subject to SUP 16.26 reporting requirements.

These requirements mean that you must submit a Directory Persons' Attestation and make sure that any Directory Persons data we hold is accurate and up to date.

This is a different process to confirming your firm's details – you'll need to submit a separate Directory Persons' Attestation form on Connect.

We publish a directory of certified and assessed persons on the FS Register.

You must update and/or confirm your Directory Persons’ data within 12 months of last doing so, or you'll receive a late return notification and a £250 fee. We may also take enforcement action against you.

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