Annual fees: online invoices

Firms use our online invoicing portal to access their invoices, pay their fees and more. The portal is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way for us to communicate with firms. Find out how to register and login below.

You'll need to register to use the portal. You can then:

  • pay your annual fees
  • see and print your invoices, credit notes, statements and payments
  • submit fee tariff data
  • receive email notifications when your invoice has been raised
  • request a PDF copy of your invoice
  • use other services, eg registering additional users

If you've already registered, we recommend using Google Chrome to log in:

Log in to your account

If your firm hasn't registered yet

New firms subject to paying FCA fees will be emailed with details of how to register.  If you do not receive an email within 2 weeks please email [email protected] to request your firm’s unique validation code so you can register.

Similarly, if your firm is not currently registered and now wishes to register, email [email protected] to request your firm’s unique validation code. Please include the firm's most recent invoice number if you have it.

Our registration guide explains the registration process, which varies depending on whether you're a Connect user.

Firms which are not registered, will be sent all fees communications and invoices by post. We charge £50 per year for our paper service (this will be included in your fees invoice). For more information see handbook notice HN74, (paras 3.35–3.40).

Register online

After registering

You can refer to our online invoicing:

Once you have access to one firm, you can add additional firms using the 'Manage Firms' page. You'll need the new firm’s 12-character unique validation code to complete this process, which existing users can request from the portal's homepage. It is emailed to them immediately.  Each additional user will need to self-register to access the application online.

If your firm no longer wants to use the portal, you can switch off your access using the 'Manage Firms and Contacts' pages or email [email protected].

Multi-factor authentication

We’ve strengthened how you log into online invoicing to further protect and control access to our data. You now need to enter a one-time passcode each time you log in. See our resource page for more information.

Correct your account name

Some users were auto-registered for online invoicing prior to April 2021 and were given a user name of 'default user'. It's important that you change this to the name of the individual who the account belongs to. Page 7 in our user guide explains how to update personal details.

Email communications from us

We may send you emails from any of these addresses – please enable them so that our emails don't end up in your junk/spam folder:

Newly authorised firms

Your firm's first regulatory fees and levies invoice covers the month in which your firm was authorised to 31 March (the periodic fee year is 1 April to 31 March).

You'll get a discount depending on which month your firm became authorised (see below) and there are some fees we charge on behalf of other organisations.

Paying your invoice online

We accept payment by debit, credit, Maestro or American Express cards.

You can also set up a direct debit mandate online. We will then automatically collect your fees in full on, or shortly after, the invoice due date.

Disputing an invoice

If you submit a dispute through the portal, you'll receive a notification confirming our intention to respond within 12 days (in line with our agreed service level standard).

If your dispute shows as 'pending review', this means your account handler is still yet to respond. If you need an update, please email [email protected].

By disputing an invoice as soon as you receive it, your account handler can respond ahead of the invoice due date. If you raise the dispute just before the invoice is due, you'll have to pay the invoice in full (but we can reimburse you later if the invoice is incorrect).

If a dispute can't be resolved, our credit committee will consider it to ensure we remain consistent with our fee rules. If you wish to appeal against a decision, please email us and mark it for the attention of the Manager, Revenue Operations.

You can make a formal complaint through our complaints scheme.

Viewing invoices paid prior to 31 March 2021

On the portal, you can't view or download invoices paid before 31 March 2021. However, you can view or download a 3-year account statement from the 'Account Activity' page, which summarises all fees transactions and payments up to 31 March 2021.

If you need more help

If you have a question about your invoice or making payment, or you need help, please email [email protected].

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