MDP entity portal

The Market Data Processor (MDP) entity portal allows users to access the MDP system. Find out more about the portal and registering to use it. 

The MDP entity portal is designed to:

  • provide updates to the industry on MDP technical issues
  • facilitate requests for transaction reporting sample data
  • enable entities that have established connectivity to the MDP system to submit market data to monitor their own file submissions
  • offer access to the Industry Test Environment (ITE) for connectivity and conformance testing

Access the MDP entity portal 

To access the MDP entity portal, you must register for an MDP Administrator user account.

The MDP Administrator User is responsible for creating and managing standard user accounts within the MDP entity portal.

To register an MDP Administrator User account, please complete the registration form below.

Download the registration webform

Transaction reporting sample data

The MDP entity portal provides a transaction report data extract facility whereby a firm can request a sample of their transaction reports submitted to the MDP system. An MDP Transaction Report Data Extract Service User Guide will be available to download from the MDP Entity Portal.

The transaction report data extract schema (XSD) describes how the elements of a transaction report are represented in an XML document, generated by the MDP system once a request is made.

Download the transaction report data extract schema (XSD)

Further to the statement relating to supervisory flexibility on transaction reporting we can confirm we intend to update the UK MiFIR transaction reporting schema in the MDP production environment from 27 April 2024.

After the change, MDP will allow any alphanumeric values of four characters in the waiver indicator and OTC post-trade indicator fields with no restriction on the number of occurrences. Therefore, from 27 April 2024 the updated data extract schema (XSD) should be used.

Download the transaction report data extract schema v7 (XSD)

A sample file is available on request from [email protected].

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